The new gold standard in cryotherapy

The smallest and most economical electric cryo unit

on the market,

icepod® combines the convenience and size of a Cryo Sauna,

with nitrogen free safety

and the benefits of whole body exposure to a stable session temperature all day long


2m2 footprint


fits 6m2 treatment space


single day installation


individually adjustable treatment intensity


frost-free technology


220V single phase 32A


6-8 treatments per hour


cabin communication system


Bose music system


smart tablet control


integrated cooling aggregate


electricity consumption 75Kw/ day


cooling period from 2h30


anti-slip floor


2 year manufacturer guarantee









Half the size – twice the performance

icepod®‘s Criteria for the Perfect Cryo Cabin

compact size

Place your icepod® anywhere
Installed in 1 day


The lowest electricity consumption
on the market

Innovative Smart Tech

Cutting Edge Smart Tech
Personalisable Treatment Systems


At 2m2 the icepod®  is in a class of it’s own when it comes to size!

Smaller than competitors0%
easier to install0%

1 day installation

icepod®  installation is achieved in just ONE day
rather than the 3 to 5 days required by other electric cryo cabins.



Economy, performance and reliability are the key features of the icepod® 

minimum 12 hours running time0%
low energy consumption0%
sustained session temperature all day long

Despite it's diminutive size, the icepod®  punches well above it's weight when it comes to cold.

Guaranteeing you sustained session temperatures
from the first to last client of the day.

80 sessions per day

We guarantee an unrivaled capacity of up to 6 to 8 sessions per hour non-stop for 12 hours straight with
identical treatment conditions for every client.

100% reliable frost free technology

The technology behind the icepod® ensures non-stop quality treatments all day long.


The icepod®  requires no pauses for drying during it's working day.


Our groundbreaking new cooling system means
icing up issues suffered by the competition are a thing of the past.

lower energy bills

icepod®  is the only electric cryotherapy machine on the market to function on a single phase electricity system.

Negating the need for expensive electricity installation and reducing electricity consumption to around
15€ per day.

smart tech

Packed with the the latest developments in Smart Technology

100% Personalised Treatments

Unique in the electric cryotherapy world, the icepod® allows Full Treatment Intensity Control for each individual client.

Music and Lighting

With a client communication system, music and LED atmospheric lighting fitted as standard, icepod® leads the way in customer comfort.

entertainment upgrades

Explore our range of custom experience upgrades, from galaxy star lighting panels and custom speakers to full Chromatherapy Systems.

no annual maintenance

The icepod®  system requires no annual maintenance,
saving you thousands compared to other electric cryotherapy systems.

remote intervention

The icepod®  can be controlled and managed remotely.
Ensuring  constant monitoring of the system to guarantee top performance all the time.